8 One-Acts in 90 Minutes!

The Theatre Mine presents a free online staged reading by the

Brookside Writers Workshop

What a Win by Linda Walls

Directed by Gigi Benson

Performed by Pidge Meade & Dave Sikula 

Columbus Lost in Paradise by Daniel Eeds

directed by Lauren Berkman

Performed by Amanda Rawnsley, Bryan Smith & John Trent

Job Interview, 2050 by Judith Silverstein

Directed by Susannah Wood

Performed by Gigi Benson, Charmain Howington & Karen Klaber


#MeToo, at Last! by Brenda Kahn

directed by Daniel Sullivan

Performed by Laurie O’Brien & Carl Weintraub


Plague of Athens by Jeanne Perkins

Directed by Matthew Vire

Performed by  Michelle Delattre, Dave Sikula & Ross Travis

Capitol Express by Gigi Benson

Directed by Delena Aseere Britnell 

Performed by Amanda Louise Rawnsely & John Trent

Death of a Scoundrel by Karen Goetz

Directed by Daniel Sullivan

Performed by Lauren Berkman, Charmain Howington & Susannah Wood  

Alcazaba by Michael C. Healy

Directed by Peter Gil-Sheridan

Performed by  Michelle Delattre, Karen Klaber, Amanda Louise Rawnsley, Ross Travis & Matthew Vire 


This festival was presented virtually in Spring 2020 as due to the pandemic. We have suspended operations for a time until we can regroup as the pandemic begins to dissipate. We look forward to returning!

Artwork by Delena Britnell


Alice in Wonderland

Reimagined & adapted 

by Mollie Mook-Fiddler

Directed by Delena Britnell

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The Deadly Belles 

by Peter Gil-Sheridan

Directed by Nina Morrison

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The Serendipity
of Flowers

by Christin Eve Cato

Directed by Lauren Berkman

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The Serendipity of Flowers
Written by Christin Eve Cato
Directed by Lauren Berkman
Gigi Benson, Delena Britnell, Charmain Howington, and Marley Roberts

The Falcon
Written by Rosanna Staffa
Directed by Matthew Vire
Randy Noojin, Matthew Vire, Julian Roberts, Elizabeth Zeff, and Daniel Sullivan

Alice in Wonderland
By Lewis Carroll
Reimagined and Adapted by Mollie Mook-Fiddler
Raelen Barr, Gigi Benson, Maddie Benson, Lauren Berkman, Steph Braun, Pam Breithaupt, Hannah Dekay, Charmain Howington, Joy Kilpatrick, Grant Langdon, Jason Lythgoe, Felicia Marti, Ben Mattson, Julian Roberts, Marley Roberts, Elizabeth Zeff

The Deadly Belles
Written by Peter Gil-Sheridan
Directed by Nina Miller
Dot Adams, Nat Cassidy, Ron Clark, Nik Foley, Ben Mattson, and Kelley Rae O’Donnell


Our Origin

The Theatre Mine (TTM) was founded in May 2017 amid the dark timbers above a favored waterfall just north of Silverton, Colorado. Theatre artists Daniel Sullivan and Matthew Vire, and Silverton artist Judy Graham gathered to ponder possibilities about how they and other artists might work together to continue and further the work of friend and artistic collaborator, Mollie Mook-Fiddler.

TTM’s founding emerged in response to many questions about theatre and dreams and theatre-making. One particular question was paramount: how can we further the vision Mollie had shared for joyous, collaborative new works development in Silverton and beyond? After much digging into possibilities, the idea of a “theatre mine” was uncovered.

Extending Mollie’s ideas, The Theatre Mine intends to bring playwrights and theatre practitioners of all ways of theatre-making into collaboration and to foster regional theatre collaboration. Through TTM, artists will work in dynamic relationship with local children, youths, and adults, other theatre companies, and other arts organizations in Silverton and throughout the region to develop, create, and stage new works.


Mission and Vision

The Theatre Mine builds collaborative, creative, inter-mountain and regional relationships to enhance our communities though the advancement of the performing arts and theatre.

The Theatre Mine is committed to developing new theatrical works and producing existing work in a joyful spirit of collaboration with artists from all directions offering audiences ways of considering the human experience. We do this by bringing playwrights and other theater artists from local, regional, national, and international communities into San Juan County to develop theatre with local youths and adults and perform the work in the region and beyond.